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We at progresh simplify your responsibility on safety precautions to control spread of COVID-19 during business hours and assure a safe environment. Our one-stop solution would reduce risks and allow you to do your job and  maintain safety and health across your educational institution in a sustainable way.

About Us

We help companies to reduce and mitigate safety risk, occupational health risk and increase productivity through sustainable methods using modern technology.

protecting the planet, workers, people and your business

Successful businesses protect the environment, their employees, communities and other members of the public. We offer comprehensive solutions to help your business implement best practice in all areas of ESH policy and procedure.

Smart ESH Solutions

• Online, remote, geo-fenced app / web based HSE monitoring, control & interventions (Permit 2 work) • Paperless Contractor Management • Anti-collision for Forklifts & in-plant moving vehicles • App based learning & interventions for large scale and remote audiences • Remote site virtual Audits • Smart Scaffolding Inspections • VR based Learning & evaluation • Fire / Emergency Control & command systems • Telematics based intervention for truck / car / bike users. • Chairless Chair –for seamless work • Solutions for Lumbar & Overhead work • Ergonomic Assessment – Work and Worker • Customized Animations / videos / web casts


Occupational Health & Medical

• Worker Health Assessment & Certification • Medical Emergency Response Plan • Medical Risk Assessment • 24×7 Medical Emergency Response Services and Assistance • Workplace / Remote Site Medical Services Assistance • Provision of Doctor / Ambulances


Occupational Safety

• Construction Safety, • Injury & Disease prevention. • Risk Management, • BCP & Emergency Response, • Warehouse / Store Safety • Aviation Safety • Road Transport Safety • Office & Visitor Safety • Fire Safety, • HAZOP, • Process Safety, • Behavior Based Safety • Safety Management Systems (ISO 45001, ISO 39001) • Office & Visitor Safety • Electrical Safety, • Work at Height Safety, • Material handling & Lifting safety


Environmental Activities

• Water & Energy Audits • STP / ETP – performance & design, Haz Waste Mgmt. • ISO 50001, ISO 14001 • App based learning & interventions for large scale and remote audiences • Remote site virtual Audits • Due diligences & Legal • Life cycle assessment • GHG as per ISO 14064 & • Carbon & Water foot print assessments


Corporate Social Responsibility

• Implement Road Safety programs as per the GOI req. • Community and Livelihood development programs in line with company CSR / SDGs

Security & Asset Protection

• Vulnerability and Threat Analysis • Route Survey and Advice • HSE Data Analytics • 2nd / 3rd party Audits & Inspections. • Legal compliance & licenses

Generic Services

• Accident Investigations • Provide trained / competent HSE Manpower • Due diligence for new projects / offices / sites


• Design, Review, Implement, compliance to meet SDGs • ISO 26000 • Sustainability Reporting



For health and safety: our experts offer advice and audits against international and company-specific standards, can help you with occupational or industrial hygiene obligations, and offer a wide range of health and safety related testing whether for workplace inspection or to improve the quality of your built environment

With a global network of environmental, health and safety experts, we are the world leaders in providing ESH services, helping you achieve economic and social sustainability. We understand the importance of quality scientific data in enabling informed decision making. Whatever your concern, wherever you are in the world, progresh has the capability to help you optimize your business, meet regulatory obligations and mitigate against risks relating to health and safety and environmental impact.

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Our Team

RAAM Sathasivam

Founder, CEO

To transform our economy and way of life, protect our energy security, we need to ultimately make clean, renewable energy, the sustainable kind of energy that will balance the environment for sustainable living.


Kuldeep Agarwal

Co-Founder, COO

22+ years of rich experience in Environmental Management, Occupational Health & Safety, Fire Prevention & Mitigation, Security Management and Sustainability

Technology Transformation

Digital transformation driving a major change in ESH and delivering in a sustainable way.

Artificial Inteligence

As industrial organizations accelerate and expand transformation initiatives enabled by digital technologies, the ESH business function is at a crossroads that represents an opportunity to engage, and the risk from not doing so. Today, organizations can take advantage of cost-effective cloud-based software platforms and other advanced technologies to help integrate ESH into operations not only within the enterprise but across the extended value chain.

Internet of Things

Next-Generation Technologies Are Changing ESH Management across all verticals. Although technology is just one capability area needed for operational and ESH excellence, it’s foundational to implementing the people and process dimensions of a management system. The key development is that the combination of cheap computing power, pervasive internet connectivity, and low-cost sensors have facilitated the technology phenomenon known as the Internet of Things.


The digitalization trend is accelerating the pace of change in organizations and operations. With change comes risk, and the need for rigorous systems to manage it effectively. The ESH function plays a vital role in operational risk assessment and control, and management of change. These processes need to be better defined and executed than ever as part of an overall ESH risk management system and our other cloud-based software solutions.

Covid Exlusive

Mitigate the risk of spread of Covid-19 with support from ProgrESH

  • We provide a comprehensive solution that covers the government mandated preventive measures and technology to maintain and monitor the solution and prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • From setting emergency response quarantine room to cleaning and monitoring of disinfection of classrooms, cafeteria, buses, to wellbeing management of students, teachers and their family.
  • Our solution and technology would give you the assurance and control over the measures that require to survive the crisis and take your business to achieve further success.
  • Early prediction of asymptomatic individual using our AI based algorithms.

Operating under crisis

  • Provide Quarantine Room set-up in case of emergency
  • Classroom re-design to accommodate social distancing requirement
  • Institution premises disinfection – Disinfection that lasts for 30 days (DM approved)
  • Temperature monitoring of all during entry and exit – storage, analysis and early warning system
  • Social distancing and adherence – with the help of modern technology
  • Remote Monitoring and Control System with our cloud-based software solutions
  • Provide environment friendly facemask and sanitizers to prevent transmission

Resume Business

  • Adhere and maintain government protocol
  • Student and staff wellbeing
  • Business resume planning and lean process consulting
  • Risk communication